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Air Cushion Recovery Available

Car Tow-with-Car

While our fleet is one of the most capable in the country, we don’t just serve large vehicle, we cater to the standard driver as well. Whether you have a flat during the morning commute or got stranded on the highway coming home, call us now. We’ll recover your vehicle at any hour, day or night.

Our technicians and recovery teams are extensively trained to handle high-end luxury and exotic vehicles. To protect your vehicle, it has to be towed a specific way. No two vehicles are the same, and no two vehicles will be recovered using the same methods. Careless towers can incorrectly secure and recover your vehicle, resulting in cosmetic or even mechanical damage. We do it the right way for your peace of mind.

Whether coming home from a game or trying to get to work, we will recover your vehicle anywhere,

at any time.

We go well beyond the Milledgeville, Georgia area. If you have a vehicle that needs to go anywhere in the country, call Old Capitol Wrecker Service, Inc. Big or small, we will get your vehicle where it needs to go, whether you’re moving into a new home, or have an earth mover that must get to its next site.

Serving you, the daily driver and commuter

We specialize in exotic and luxury vehicles

Going the extra mile, providing nationwide towing

For 24-hour roadside assistance, towing, or recovery:


Whether stranded day or night,

call on Old Capitol Wrecker Service, Inc.

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